Monday, August 30, 2010

Using Newly-Compiled AOSP OS WITH My Hacked Kernel

(The rooting part—steps 3 & 4— should not be necessary.)

1. Compile Android 2.2 v 1.1
2. Flash complete Android 2.2 v 1.1
3. Download UniversalAndroot-1.6.2-beta.apk from computer to phone
$ adb install /path/to/Universal-Androot-1.6.2-beta.apk
4. (On the phone.) Run Universal Androot for Android 2.2 from listed apps
5. Get phone into bootloader mode: (Back on computer)
$ adb reboot-bootloader
6. Split the Android 2.2 v1.1 "boot.img" file into "boot.img-kernel" and "boot.img-ramdisk.gz".
$ ./ boot.img
Page size: 2048 (0x00000800)
Kernel size: 2206592 (0x0021ab80)
Ramdisk size: 167182 (0x00028d0e)
Second size: 0 (0x00000000)
Board name:
Command line: no_console_suspend=1 msmsdcc_sdioirq=1 wire.search_count=5
Writing boot.img-kernel ... complete.
Writing boot.img-ramdisk.gz ... complete.
6. Rename "zImage" (newly-compiled kernel) as "boot.img-kernel"
$ mv path/to/zImage other/path/to/boot.img-kernel
7. Zip up "boot.img-kernel" (formerly zImage) with "boot.img-ramdisk.gz"
./mkbootimg --kernel boot.img-kernel --ramdisk boot.img-ramdisk.gz -o my-boot.img --cmdline 'no_console_suspend=1 msmsdcc_sdioirq=1 wire.search_count=5' --base 0x20000000
8. Flash phone with new "my-boot.img" file
$ sudo ./fastboot flash boot my-boot.img

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