Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hacking Gedit

If I have time this summer, I'd like to help fix bugs in gedit. I LOVE gedit and I want to contribute. Here's a heads up for those of you installing gedit from the git repository instead of from the tarball which, I believe, is what they recommend. . . but it's certainly what I prefer, anyway.

I edited their README to include install directions for people checking it out from git. We'll see if/when they take the patch. They have a good reputation for accepting help.

Simple install procedure for gedit if you checked out the source code from git:

(you may have done this already) download the most recent version of gedit
% git clone git://

change to the toplevel directory
% cd gedit

generate the `configure' script
% ./

run the `configure' script
% ./configure

build gedit
% make

[ Become root if necessary ]

install gedit
% make install